Indigo Massage

At Indigo Massage we strive to provide the best massage possible by offering a relaxing and/or deep tissue massage tailored to suit your needs.
Our massage therapist will communicate with you to ensure you receive the appropriate pressure and concentrate on areas in need of work. Come in and see us to enjoy a wonderful massage and leave feeling like you are floating on the clouds.

Indigo Massage also offers Holistic Pulsing which is a gentle rhythmic rocking of the body to relax, mobilize and refresh you.  This can be performed in combination with massage and is excellent for deep relaxation and improving your quality of sleep.

Some people live very fast paced lives and do not give themselves enough down time to relax and obtain a good sense of well being. Massage reduces levels of stress hormones (such as adrenaline) and increases relaxation within the body as well as improving serotonin levels (the happy hormone) in the brain leading to an overall increased sense of well being. Massage is a great way to combat the effects of stress and an overworked lifestyle.

Some of the benefits of Massage are:
  • Stress release and relaxation
  • Pain relief
  • Speeds recovery time
  • Mental well being